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Automation and Chatbots!

11 July 20190 LikeComments Off on Automation and Chatbots!Blog, , , , ,

You’ve probably come across one and didn’t even realize it. Or maybe you did and thought to yourself “Whoa, this is pretty neat!”. More and more companies are discovering the wonders of chatbots. They’re a result of significant advances in AI and provide an alternative to customer service and online shopping. Let’s see what all …

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ecommerce video

Video + E-Commerce = YES

11 July 20190 LikeComments Off on Video + E-Commerce = YESBlog, , , , , ,

Companies are turning to video to beef up their presence. The land of e-commerce is no exception. So your sales are steady and you have got somewhat of an idea of where your brand is headed, right? Well, I’m here to tell you that adding video content to your already prospering business will help you …

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Graphene – A Game Changer!

5 July 20190 LikeComments Off on Graphene – A Game Changer!Blog, , ,

1 million times thinner than human hair… Graphene! I’ve always wanted to start an article with that very sentence. As a species, we’re constantly discovering the wonders of this planet. Once we make that discovery, we see how we can apply it. Today’s article will focus on a recently discovered material that is sure to …

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facebook watch

Facebook Watch – Inside Look

4 July 20190 LikeComments Off on Facebook Watch – Inside LookBlog, , , , ,

Video Rules the World of Social Media It’s not a surprise that video content rules the internet. And the big brains of Facebook know it too. Video takes up the majority of content placed in posts on today’s social media. Users are more likely to engage in this type of content; they are also happy …

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Customize the User Experience

2 July 20190 LikeComments Off on Customize the User ExperienceBlog, , , , , ,

Ketchup or mustard? Red or green? Comedy or drama? Choices make us who we are. Today, it’s essential to give your customers reason to experiment with what you have to offer. From ordering tomato on their burgers, to adding their company logo on their chatbot. These choices give a sense of individualism and makes the …

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Video Boosts Engagement

17 June 20190 Like0 CommentBlog, , , , , , , ,

Content engagement is one of the most important metrics companies use when discussing their marketing strategy. In this article, we focus on video content and the impact it has on your engagement rate. My engagement rate is fine! Leave me alone! Alright, so you’ve become accustomed to ways in which your consumers interact with your …

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Utilizing Onboarding

10 June 20190 Like0 CommentBlog, , , , , ,

Let’s start off this article with a banger. Here’s a quote that Iwant you to focus on throughout the entirety of this article. It costs employers 33% of a worker’s annual salary to hire a replacement if that worker leaves (Source: EBN). Actually, here’sanother gut-wrenching quote to take note of. 20% of employee turnover happens …

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