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Customize the User Experience

2 July 2019Blog

Ketchup or mustard? Red or green? Comedy or drama? Choices make us who we are. Today, it’s essential to give your customers reason to experiment with what you have to offer. From ordering tomato on their burgers, to adding their company logo on their chatbot. These choices give a sense of individualism and makes the experience unique. But first…

Defining Customization

Before we get to the good stuff, lets get this out of the way. Customization has always been confused with personalization, so let’s clear this up once and for all.

Personalization – A marketing strategy based on consumer data. When you receive a newsletter with your name at the top, this is a form of personalization.

Customization – Allows consumers to assemble their own unique product according to their tastes and needs.

There you have it. Mystery solved. Essentially, the difference lies with who is making the actual changes. Now the next time somebody says ” But it’s the same thing”, you can point them to this article and educate them.

How does it work?

The psychology behind this is actually quite fascinating. Let’s dive right into it!

We like having choices because it makes us feel in control.

Source: PsychologyToday

Our survival instincts tell us that our survival chances grows the more control we have. Which means, subconsciously we are seeking control, and the desire for control develops into seeking choices.

When a product is customized, the buyer’s touch receptors are activated, creating a sensual stimulation. 

Source: PsychologyToday

Once the choices have been made, the customer appreciates their work and has a sense that it is theirs. A unique journey, provided by you!

What do YOU get out of customization?

From a business point of view, it builds strong customer loyalty. When a person finds exactly what they’re looking for with you, why would they look elsewhere? You’ve provided the perfect grounds, choices that matter.

Upon interacting with the product during the customization process, people feel that the product is theirs even without legal ownership.

Source: PsychologyToday

What’s the Videommerce solution?

When creating your first video, you’ll notice that we allow for maximum customization. For the sake of this article, we’ll focus on our presets! We’ve got a wide range of video templates to suite your needs. Depending on whether you’re a small business, e-commerce, travel agency, enterprise, we’re pretty confident that you’ll find something perfect for you! Of course you can customize it further by adding text, photos and even additional narration. The choice is yours.


Give your customers and clients options! Remember, choice equals control and control equals power. Provide your customers with the power and they’ll thank you in ways you can’t imagine ( but mostly in your monthly profit reports)

..successful customization strategies will make the consumer a co-producer of value alongside the brand, and successful personalization techniques will identify valuable data and use them to create and deploy ultra-relevant marketing messages

Source: abtasty

Need I say more? Today, people expect to be able to customize and choose to their liking. If you’re not capitalizing on that, you might want to reread this article again!

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