Video helps create an unforgettable connection with your viewers


Middle East business intelligence interactive video

Idea Bank

Video assistant helped in reducing bounce rate by 23%. Data gathering during form fill stage resulted in quality of collected leads by 50%. Inquiring about invoice forms and more increased the overall time spent on their website by 58%


More than 300.000 personalized videos created for Orange Customers. Additionally, more than 44% of the viewer's watched all of the possible paths from start to finish multiple times.


Personalized video greetings for Skoda’s Customers sent by Christmas postcard. 89% of viewers watched videos to the end. Custom video production and personalization.


Interact with your customers, like the way you interact with your Friends. Turn any video into a highly engaging personalized and interactive video.


Mola Complex 3w1 Interactive Journey

Twitter Interactive Videos

Interactive Elements on Social Media