Use clickable videos to grow your E-commerce

Sell more products, close more deals and generate leads
using interactive and personalized video.

Ridiculously easy to enhance your E-commerce benefits with video

Turn all content into shoppable content

Sell directly from the video

Use interactive elements such as hotspots, clickable buttons, video narration and more to highlight your hottest products! Get your viewers to the checkout page right away.

Sell directly from an image

That's right. Turn images into interactive masterpieces and watch your sales skyrocket. Use your company logo or anything else to grab attention fast.

Accelerate product understanding

Narrate your story

Who knows your business better than you? Enrich your presentations or explain ideas by recording your voice narration or just yourself. Become a leader in your story. Record relevant messages to your customer’s needs

Reduce understanding barriers

Connect with your customers in their native language. Use the AI-driven translation tool to automatically translate your videos into 70+ languages. The next time a foreign visitor would like to learn about your business, they'll be automatically shown your video in their native language.

Automate customer service

Teach by showing, learn by doing

As a kid you learned by observing. You still have this ability, so why not apply it to your business. Smoothly highlight and mark the most important sections to elaborate more about them. Teach how to use your product and let your customers learn with easy-to- follow steps.

Customer Onboarding

Don't just tell your customers about your product, show it using highly effective interactive content. Create one of a kind content that leaves no stones unturned.

See how you can harness the power of interactive video

Get to know how the editor looks like and see it in action in this informative video guide.

Here's how it works for E-commerce businesses

1. Create

Start from scratch, upload your own or use Google Slides to speed up the creation process!

2. Personalize

Animate text, images, add hot spots, pop-ups, social media.

3. Interact

Build unlimited interactions, pathways and relations with your customers.

4. Embed

Measure views, interactions and more with a simple code on your website.

5. Translate

Let your customers understand your business with AI-driven translation of your videos.

6. Amaze

Wow your customers with two-way communication at scale.

What are you waiting for?