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6 amazing tips on how to make your videos stand out

14 June 2022Blog

You’ve put in the hard work, now it’s time to maximize the potential of your amazing videos. Well they’re not amazing yet, but they will be! 

In a world that’s constantly being bombarded with content, how is your video content going to stand out? This is why I’m here and I’ve gathered a list of tips to take your new videos, or ones you already have, and skyrocket them to the next level. Let’s attract more viewers, capture attention and increase engagement, all while keeping your wallet nice and closed.

1. Lighting is everything

There’s a reason when the director yells “ Lights, camera, action”, lights are first on the list. Don’t take my word for it, go walk into your least lit room and turn off the lights. If it’s daylight out, wait until it’s dark out. Now try making a video. 

Let there be light!

Lighting makes a huge difference in the finished product and quality of your videos, make sure you’ve got it covered. You don’t want to put in hours and hours into your videos and have them turn out amateurish because of your lack of properly-placed lighting. 

If you’re making your videos inside, keep in mind that windows are an incredible source of natural light. You don’t even need professional lights, just use your lamp to cast the type of light you need in a particular shoot. I could go on for hours regarding lighting, but for now let’s just leave it at this, make sure people can SEE your videos.

2. Don’t overdo the editing

Chances are, you’ve already got your favorite video editing program that you use which means you know the ins and outs of how it works, that’s good. For the sake of your audience however, don’t over do it! 

You’ve heard the term “less is more “. There is no need to use over the top effects on your transitions or cuts every two seconds. Let it be a smooth process. You don’t want your viewers to get a seizure when watching your video, make it enjoyable. 

Edit out any awkward pauses, clean up any artifacts and just get your idea to come out during the video. You’re not here to win a performance art award!

3. Adding subtitles

So you want your video to reach a wider audience, that’s good, it’s good to want things for your videos. There’s no better way to do that than with subtitles. Don’t panic, it’s not as difficult as it seems. Adding video subtitles to your content will make it far more accessible. And the truth is, the average person watches videos with the sound turned off, which means if you don’t add subtitles, you’re missing out on a huge piece of the pie.

If your program doesn’t have a feature to actually add subtitles, there are platforms that do it for you should you need it. Luckily for you, Videommerce has got you covered, and won’t require you to take out a 2nd mortgage to get the job done.

Reach the world!

Just upload your video, choose the language of your subtitles and import the subtitles into your video within a click of a button. Once that’s done, you’ll see the entire transcription, which you can freely edit. Awesome! The best part is, once you save your video, you can actually translate your video into a different language. This is what I meant when I said that it’s time you reach a wider audience. In this case, a MUCH MUCH wider audience. 

4. Be consistent

And this goes beyond the usual of just getting actual videos done. Be consistent in the way that your videos all align across the board with your “brand identity” ,as they like to call it, so that people right away know what to expect when they see your videos.

This means everything from the thumbnails you use in your videos, to the format in which you record. Even the intro and music you use will help familiarize your audience with what you’re all about. Take what you’ve got, meaning your most used colors and fonts on your website and apply that throughout your video as well.

Staying consistent in this way will help you stand out as you’ll have your own unique look and atmosphere that people can always rely on.

5. The right video length

You’ve made some incredible videos, the problem could be that they’re simply too short or too long. Depending on where you’ll be sharing your videos, it’s always best to research beforehand the recommended video lengths for all of your favorite social media channels.

For example:

  • YouTube: >8 minutes
  • Instagram: at least 30 seconds
  • Facebook: >3 minutes

Just a few to get you started. Each social media channel has its own algorithm that determines the ranking of your video, putting your videos within the recommended time length will create a greater chance of seeing your awesome content. 

6. Promoting your videos

Just like with the step above, promoting your videos is all about adapting to each social media platform. Make sure you know which format the social media platform you’ll be posting to works best. Resize your videos appropriately. 

Speaking of that, if you’re looking for a program that quickly does the job, without having to remake your videos from scratch, use Videommerce. In just a few clicks you’ll be resizing all of your videos and getting them out there.

Let your audience see your videos!

Beyond the above, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to freshen up your video SEO basics. It all matters here. Using keywords in your descriptions, the way you tag your videos correctly will definitely help you reach a wider audience.

And the most important part of promoting your videos would be to actually be publishing them on a regular basis. New content tells your audience that you’re constantly working hard to create the best content for them and you’re growing. 

Final Thoughts

The more polished your videos look, the more you’ll get out of them as a content creator. Yes, making professional looking videos takes practice but it’s not a magic trick or something that you need to go broke to achieve. You’ve already got the tools you need to get started.

Dramatically increase the quality of your next videos by applying these 6 steps. It’s time to get the most out of your videos, not tomorrow but right now.

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