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Top 5 B2B Video Marketing Trends

22 May 2020Blog

It doesn’t take much to convince anybody these days that videos are important. In the sense that they’re informative and fun and as a medium, allow you reach a wider audience. Ultimately being an integral part of your growth as a B2B and seeing an immediate increase in ROI.

70% of marketing professionals report that video converts better than any other medium

Source: MarketingProfs

In this article, we’ll focus on the top video trends that are currently dominating the B2B world. Let’s go over ways you can fortify your brand awareness ( Check out: Beefing up your Brand Awareness ) and capture the market with video!

1. Video Host Personality

To start off, I’d suggest investing in a video host. You probably have your favorite channels and TV shows that you live by, right? What brings you back? Apart from the content, we usually tend to return to our favorite channels because of the person who’s hosting the entire project. Implementing a host in your tutorials or web series you’ve started to help promote your business.


Take charge!

Your host should have an outgoing personality and being highly relatable also helps. Bringing an entertainment side to your brand will go a long way. Keep away from mundane hosts. Remember your college professor? That’s right, you don’t. Because you slept throughout all of their lectures.

96% of people say they’ve watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service

Source: Wyzowl

Should you have more than one host throughout your videos, make sure that their personalities create an interesting and engaging dynamic. It really depends what your brand is going for. Remember, you can still have an outgoing personality even if you want to be taken serious. Relax and get creative!

2. Apply Humor

Don’t just be another uptight business eagerly awaiting your latest profits meeting. Self-awareness serves to humanize your brand. Why not add a touch of humor to your content? Being creative and funny keeps people relaxed and united. Consider a laid back atmosphere in your videos. Whether your creating an explainer video or a simple company bio, it’s ok to let loose.


Laugh it up

Don’t forget to be informal. It provides that laid back vibe I mentioned earlier and allowing your character to speak for itself.

Once utilized correctly, you’ll notice that humor can play a role in all of your communication efforts. Day-to-day interactions with your current customers or during both inbound and outbound campaigns.

3. High Quality Content

Video content simply converts, it’s no secret within the industry. Having said that, not all content is created equal. What that means is, you need to figure out which content type drives your visitors the most to your business in the first place. And engagement ( See more: 6 Engaging Types of Video Content ) should definitely be something you should be focusing on.

You’ll see up and coming businesses create content just for the sake of doing so not knowing that they’re losing potential profits. Content that has no real soul has little value to the bigger picture and screams unprofessionalism.

Simply put, high quality content matters. Figure out why your visitors come to your website and what’s been attracting their attention the most. Now take that and build on that quality. Which brings me to this next point…

Video tools

Talking about quality content is cool. But you know what’s cooler? Actually having access to a platform that lets you create this kind of content, at almost no cost and a fraction of the time. I’m talking about Videommerce. Yes, I know. You feel tricked. You’ve been reading about the latest B2B trends and then you come across this commercial. The thing is, I’m vouching for this platform OUTSIDE the realm of whatever’s happening right now. Meaning, this is a platform that simply gets the job done. It’s completely FREE to get started. You have access to hundreds of templates to help you with plenty of customization at your disposal.

4. Personalized Videos

This one’s appearing quite often in my articles ( Try this one: Grab Attention with Video ) but that’s because it’s effective. If you’re generally looking to improve upon the leads that you generate from your current video marketing plan, maximize your content with personalized content.


Build Strong Customer Loyalty

With personalization, your company has a chance to stand out. Customers all have their needs and it’s imperative that you’re able to meet those very needs. Whether it’s support or guidance of sort, the individual experience should be a unique one at that.

80% of customers are more likely to purchase a product or service from a brand who provides personalized experiences

Source: Epsilon

Don’t get it wrong. Personalization is not just about addressing your customers by their first name. It’s about taking the steps to show that you value that they’re here with you. Building stronger relationships than thought possible. Everybody who takes the time to visit your site, should feel that you care about them. Your job is to personalize the experience. Get to it!

5. Chatbots

You read that correctly. Although a chatbot cannot replace the human experience (yet), it can definitely save you a lot of time without loosing the quality touch. Chatbots are finally becoming a viable option for many brands that want to look modern while at the same time creating multi-tasking opportunities. Find out more about chatbots here .

Over half of shoppers have positive feelings toward tech development as it relates to AI

Source: Zdnet

Chatbots respond to customer inquiries organically. Taking information about your company and engaging the customer directly. A chatbot also has a chance to study each individual user’s site history which means personalized adaptation. Chatbots are definitely here to stay and if you’re a b2b looking to grow, you can’t go wrong with this marketing trend.


There isn’t any other way to put it. Above you’ve learned about ways in growing your brand and the techniques involved. These are just five, of course there are many more that we’ll discuss at a later time. For now, make sure to emphasize your Video marketing efforts.

It’s only getting bigger and it’s your duty to adapt. Use what you’ve learned, and your B2B business will be far more prepared for future marketing strategies. The general theme of this article is that, it pays to bring a more human touch to your company. Personalization, humor all are a great start. Adding video content provides that additional boost and is a recipe for success. I’s no wonder brand’s are making it an integral part of their business strategy.

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