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5 secrets to creating memorable personalized experiences

It’s no secret that it’s getting far more difficult today to grab your audience’s attention. Everywhere the average person looks, they’re being bombarded with content and at some point, it all tends to mix together, making it harder for the viewer to even be interested in your content. Make it personal. That’s right, personalized content. …

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6 amazing tips on how to make your videos stand out

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You’ve put in the hard work, now it’s time to maximize the potential of your amazing videos. Well they’re not amazing yet, but they will be!  In a world that’s constantly being bombarded with content, how is your video content going to stand out? This is why I’m here and I’ve gathered a list of …

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video transcription in 5 steps

How to write a transcript for your awesome video in 5 easy steps

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There are numerous ways in which you can take your content to heights you didn’t even know possible. And one of my personal favorites has to be video transcription. Not only does transcribing help you reach a far wider audience, making your masterpieces available for everyone, but also creates new opportunities to grow quickly, and …

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Why interaction matters for everyone, even you my friend

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If you want to instantly engage your customers and create the perfect conditions to grab anybody’s attention, you should focus on building interactions between you and your audience. Whether you’re at a self-checkout at the grocery store or using your favorite app on your phone, interactivity is everywhere and it matters. Let’s go over how …

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