Why personalized videos?

Video Hosting

Host your videos and been worldwide. With AWS Integration you are guaranteed a wide audience.

AWS Integration

means your customers will have full access to your videos. All. Over. The. World. AWS and CDN ensures smooth playback worldwide.

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Embed video on your website

Place your videos on your page, or a landing page.

Simplify your video marketing

Video Creating

Save time and create videos using our awesome-to-use templates

Video Editing

Take control of your videos and add photos, text, animation, VO, music. Works with uploaded video as well.

Video Recording

"Let the viewer see the real you and use your webcam To personalize the experience. "

Video Sharing

Engage your audience on Social Media and via video-emailing, SMS or chatbot

Video Publishing

Enrich your website by embedding created video

Video Hosting

AWS-powered hosting and CDN ensures a smooth playback worldwide

Video Advertising

Be seen where your Customers are with programmatic video formats

Video Personalizing

Build long lasting customer relations by personalizing content for every viewer.

Video Interacting

Take your customers straight to the “ buy now “ button with interactive content in your video.