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Video Sales Funnel

Video Sales Funnel Success

6 May 2020Blog

Not all sales funnels are created equal. And you guessed it, Video is no exception to this marketing rule. The path your customer takes once at the top of your funnel is 100% decided by your marketing efforts. There are many ways to go about this and in this article, we’ll focus on how to make the experience of a Video Sales Funnel, as successful as possible. The types of video content you should be using, how, and when and most importantly, to whom!

Know your audience

Who are you looking to convert. At some point, anybody who’s participating at the top of your funnel, is a prospect. So you need to ask yourself, why are they here and what do they want and can you provide that for them? If you knew the answer to the questions I just asked before you finished reading them, congratulations you’re on the right path.

Get to know your audience!

The answers to these questions will help you understand which video content will be best suited for your prospects journey. Which leads us to the next crucial part…

Why a Video Sales Funnel?

As I mentioned at the top, not all sales funnels are created equal. We’re focusing on video because well… video rules. Utilizing video content is simply effective in every shape and form.

81% of marketers say video has helped them generate leads.

Source: Wyzowl

It’s a medium that’s only growing, which means you should be utilizing to the fullest. If your marketing plan doesn’t include a decent video plan by now, you’ve got some catching up to do.

By 2020, the number of videos crossing the Internet per second will approach 1 million.

Source: Social Media Week

Don’t take my word for it. Well actually do, because I’ve written a series of articles regarding that very subject that should shed some light on the importance of video if you still need to be convinced (Check this out: Video and ROI. A match made in heaven. )

There’s no way around it, Video content is one of the most engaging ways to lead prospects along the different stages of the sales funnel. It’s an art form, and it’s time to go over that right now!


Ah, the top of the funnel. Where the journey begins. Often taken for granted, this is the most important stage you should be focusing on. This is the level where your future clients are contemplating their business. Your goal here is to show the value of your product. Address their problem and simply provide educational content. A first impression goes a long way ( Check out also: How to Utilize Video Onboarding for your business )

Educational content goes a long way, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be utilizing it at this stage.

94% of video marketers say video has helped increase user understanding of their product or service.

Source: Wyzowl

But remember to keep your videos at this stage, as straight forward as possible. Don’t try to sell, just emphasize your content on the “Why”. Why do they need what you are showcasing?

Think about it like this, most people at this stage don’t have any clue what you are about, and why should they trust YOU? Deliver educational videos focused that’s focused on giving information that have real value, and it’s what you’re offering.

Other types of Videos…

There’s a wide assortment of video types you can use at this stage. From explainer videos to video to brand value videos, it’s up to you. As long as it’s giving your audience an insight and glimpse into WHY you have the product that they NEED, you’re good to go.


This is the stop where your potential customers have decided “Ok, I think this is what I need, but I’m not fully convinced…convince me!”. Your goal here is to aim to convert your visitors into leads. Underlining here that you understand their struggle is crucial. Why? Because you’re offering them the best solution. It is the best right? RIGHT!?

Believe it!

Your viewers now know who you are, but they just need a little bit more information. Luckily for you, Video is the best way to engage and convey your message (It’s true: Art of Storytelling ).

No need to act as a pushy salesperson, let the process unfold on its own. Your future customer knows what they want, and you need to provide content that will provide useful and understandable information pertaining to that. So what do you use?

  • Testimonials – Showing actual videos of people who have benefited from using your products
  • Product Demo – Showcase your product
  • Case Studies – In-depth look at how your product actually helps people with backed evidence

And a lot more. Utilize them correctly in this stage, and it’s smooth sailing from there. Because it’s time for the…


Some people like to refer to this stage as the Conversion stage, either way, it’s THE stage. Your goal here is to convince your prospects to purchase what you’re selling. You’ve got their attention, because they’re at this stage which means you can get into the details. Talk about the benefits of your product. It’s also a good time to offer any discounts if you have any on standby to convince them, THIS is the time to make that purchase.

It’s decision time!

Videos here are all about answering questions your prospects might have pertaining to your product. Confidence in your videos will go a long way, and it will be reflected on how you present your product. Additionally, if at this stage you can show why your product is better than the competitors, you’re going to make this stage a walk in the park. So utilize…

This is also a great stage to utilize video emailing campaigns. It gives your customers a sense that you’ve built a strong and lasting relationship with them during this crucial step.

Bonus Step! : Repeat

Staying top of your clients mind is a very important part of the Video Sales funnel process. What this means is, you’ve created a product your customers believe in and you’ve encouraged them to spread the word. Turning your customers into fans is something special and it takes getting to know the steps above to understand that very aspect. Customer loyalty is important and you can’t simply ignore your customers once you’ve made the sale.

41% of marketers say that video has helped them reduce support calls

Source: Wyzowl

Provide proper support for your new customers. There are many ways to do this, but just knowing that you’ll always be there when they need you, is a fundamental part of this step.


  • Welcome Videos – Send a personalized video welcoming them to your service or thanking them for believing in your product
  • New Product Videos – Give your best customers a preview of whats to come, a sneak peak into your hottest products
  • Tips Videos – Share exclusive knowledge with your customers, or insight into the things they might of not know about your product

Double Bonus : Video tools to the rescue

Alright, we’re going a little over the top with the bonuses, but I promise you’ll thank me for this one. Here I am going over the types of videos you need to create a proper Video Sales Tunnel. What if you don’t have the tools to create some of these videos? I got you covered. If you need something that’s intuitive and effective, you can’t go wrong with Videommerce. Hundreds of templates to fit your brand, interactive buttons, and even video narrations. Best of all, it’s all free to start. Please don’t take my word for it here, on this very salesman pitch like segment of an article. Just mess around with it, and you’ll see that you’ll be creating stunning videos in minutes.

Create Video Sales Funnels with Videommerce

A Fine Recipe

Once you’ve put everything together, you also should consider keeping track of your Video Funnels. Are they paying off? Keep an eye on metrics that matter.

  • Shares, Comments, Views on Social Media
  • % of viewers who make the purchase
  • Avg. time spent watching your videos

Are just some of the metrics that will make a difference.

You’re ready!

I’ve provided you with the information and tools, now it’s time to put it to use. Remember, always keep your target audience, it’ll help you create the basis of your video content. Using video is effective and crucial in today’s age of information. Using a video funnel makes it easier for potential buyers to move down to the journey to make that necessary purchase.

Sure, it takes some work to create a successful video sales funnel but hopefully I’ve cleared up the process for you. Remember, not all sale funnels will look the same, it really depends what you’re after and what kind of business you’re looking to build.

Be helpful during the awareness stage. Showcase that your product is the best option during the consideration stage. Build strong customer loyalty during the last stage. Show them that your brand is human, because it is, isn’t it?

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