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SaaS with a little more pizzazz!

8 August 2019Blog

Software as a service. That’s the business you’re in! In this article I’ll be discussing the SaaS model and the impact that it has had on the market as a whole. From the benefits to what lies ahead for the business model. And ways in which you can improve upon your SaaS strategy, specifically by including a lot more video content in your plan! Why? Well you’re about to find out.

So how does it work?

Well the idea is simple. You use your brilliance to come up with software that will solve a specific problem that your customers might encounter. Your customers are in turn happy that you’ve created such brilliant software, and do not hesitate to renew or keep their subscription.


Yes. Most SaaS companies are subscription based models. Chances are, you’ve already used software like this at your old job or current one. Companies like Salesforce, Slack, Zendesk, Adobe Creative Cloud and the list goes on. All of these companies are subscription based and exchange their services, for a subscription based plan.

And the benefits are…?

There are numerous benefits to adapting a SaaS based business model, but these benefits into two groups. Benefits for companies, and benefits for customers. Let’s start with how YOU can benefit from it!

The customers

Subscription works to your advantage

First and foremost, as a customer of a subscription based model, you’re not forced to purchase a whole product. Basically, you pay for what you use. If you need to use one aspect of the software, for lets say a month, you can do that. In most models, subscription plans are conveniently laid out so that you can opt out any time you want. That’s a huge plus, and takes some weight off your shoulders.

Use it anywhere

As long as you have a decent internet connection, you’ll be able to gain access to your SaaS account from every device. That’s a huge plus and means you won’t be dependent on licensed software, which usually ties you down to a limited amount of devices.

A personalized touch

Most SaaS models come prepackaged with the option to fully customize the product to your needs. Changing options to meet your expectations. Remember however, the more customizing you’ll need, the more work it’ll mean for the company providing you this software. You’ll need to pay a little more for these features, which makes sense down the line.

Ok, and how do companies benefit from SaaS?

A steady stream…

Regular subscription fees means a steady stream of revenue. Close monitoring of your business will give you a general outline of where the revenue is coming from. You’ll be playing it safe, but you’ll also know exactly what your business needs to work on.

No middlemen

As your SaaS product is purely Internet-based, the only thing you’ll need to worry about is whether your customers have internet access or not.

Always on the move

Your SaaS works on a 24/7 cycle. Meaning it’s always open for business, and people are constantly coming in and out seeing what you’re all about. You’ll be met with customers who already know what they want, they’ll sign up immediately. But you’ll also have the window shoppers, but even those are good. In most cases, they’ll help spread the word of what you have to offer.

Cool! Let’s get to the good stuff please!

Alright, I see your patience is running out. Here is an important statistic to remember:

Only 11% of SaaS Companies are Investing in Content Marketing

Source: Impactbnd

What does that look like to you? If you guessed “a missed opportunity”, you are 100% correct. As a SaaS company you’ll need to take advantage of discrepancies like this. There are many ways in which you can invest in content marketing, such as blogging, and email campaigns. However, for the purpose of this article, I want to direct your attention towards…VIDEO!

Why Video?

Because I said so! And the other bigger reason being, video simply is the most effective content you could implement to your company strategy.

There are numerous ways of benefiting from the implementation of video. In fact, I’ve compiled a few articles, already dedicated to that very subject! So that YOU can hit the ground running!

Shameless plug time!

These are just a few articles that will surely help you get on your way! Without sounding like a broken record, video is a medium that our brains prefer! As far as retaining information and comprehending what’s being presented, there is nothing better.

Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text

Source: Insivia

But you’ll need the tools to get started

Now, what use would this article be if I didn’t have a video editor to help you get started? Luckily for you, I do! Of course I’m talking about Videommerce! If you still haven’t heard, it is an all-in-one video editor that helps you create stunning and spectacular videos in minutes. Whether you’re looking to setup a video to help explain what you’re all about, or you want to go for the personal touch and build stronger relations with your customers, Videommerce has got you covered! The best part is, it’s completely free to start. You’ll get access to fabulous pre-rendered templates as well as the ability to implement game changing additions. I’m talking about over 10,000 pre-recorded voice narrations to add flavor to your message. And the ability to add photos reflective of what your company is all about! I couldn’t stress enough how practical and intuitive this editor is, and without this sounding like a commercial, do yourself a favor and give it a try.

So what’s the lesson here?

As a SaaS company, your company exists because you believed in your ideas and they have come to fruition. Now it’s time to believe in video. Remember that first quote I posted? Let me remind you.

Only 11% of SaaS Companies are Investing in Content Marketing

Source: Impactbnd

Replace “content marketing” with video and you’re already ahead of the pack. Video is the present, and it is the future. By strategically placing your video content, you are opening your doors to driving your sales, attracting a bigger audience, and most importantly, to helping conquer your market! Now get out there and start planning ahead!

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