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It is almost Christmas and from the point of view of commercialization, the peak hour of the year for sales. People buy gifts for friends and family, look for special New Year events to attend and, in general, look for some type of purchase.


Christmas are a privileged time to increase brand awareness and increase your sales no matter what industry you are in. But how do you get attention at a time when so many companies are increasing their marketing?


Video Marketing Christmas Campaign

Video content plays a very important role in Christmas campaigns, as it works great to capture the attention of your target audience at a time when they are actively looking for some type of purchase. These are just some of the best ways you can use video content in your Christmas marketing campaign:


The product promotion

So, obviously, the main objective of including video content in your Christmas campaign is to promote both your brand and your offer to increase your sales.
Most of us, well, about 59% according to Forbes, would prefer to see the content of a video than read a page of text. This is perfect, since it is much easier to explain your product and its characteristics along with the visual elements than with the text alone.


Traffic to your website

Video content encourages interested viewers to learn more about your product, service and your brand in general. Whether through social networks or email campaigns, it has been proven that video sends more traffic to your website with a simple call to action. In fact, according to Forbes magazine, 50% of executives seek more information after viewing a product in a video.
Increased sales
Video content is basically a visual sales field, and one that does its job 24/7. They attract the viewer, generate a lot of traffic for your website and add some much-needed personality to your brand.

Studies show that 90% of customers agreed that watching a video about a product is useful in the decision-making process. Why? Because they are relatable, shareable and memorable. These are all the key ingredients of a successful lead generator asset.


The three best types of video for Christmas campaign which can all be made through Videommerce:


1.     Product demo videos

The short and sweet videos of products for social networks will surely create a stir at this time of the year when people are actively looking to buy, and are excellent at launching new products. The videos in general are highly sharable they are a magnet for engagement and allow you to reach a wider audience for your target market, free!


2.     Explainer videos

Use your explainer videos to show and persuade your target audience that your product / service meets your consumer needs. This means showing special features, you can include a brief product demonstration to back up your claims or tell your customer why they need the product in the first place.


3.     Promotional video

Promotions are the most versatile type of video that can be used throughout the life cycle of the product and the customer purchase process to achieve numerous objectives. For your Christmas campaign, use promotional videos to communicate things like your seasonal offers or important holiday delivery information, not just your offer! This will serve you well when you include your promotional content in your email campaigns and social media: it attracts people to buy and gives people the information they will be looking for.


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