Why personalized videos?

Why not!? We believe that the Customer prefer to receive video content matched to interests, needs and expectations. That’s why with personalized video you can reach Right person, with the Right message, in the Right place at the Right time. Now, with Videommerce you can achieve your own personalized video goals! You can easily create video based on your idea and current needs, make A/B video test, duplicate scenes, add pre-recorded voice over narration and send unlimited personalized video creations to all your CRM Customers.

Customize your video

Add your logo, text, packshot, maps, music, pre-recorded narrations,
prices, brands, products + more!

Choose a Style

Presets to help you get started, choose from a variety of presets, ranging from: E-commerce, Travel, CRM, Thank You video, conference invite, onboarding + many more, we’ve got you covered! 

Engage the customer

Send personalized videos by email, SMS or embed a video on your website! Build long lasting relationships with your customers and clients!