Using a common element to attract a wide audience, it’s Text time!

Sometimes the most powerful element in your content turns out to be the simplest. When properly utilized within your video, text can transform the core of your content and attract a far wider audience. 

Why is text important?

highlight your content

Highlight important actions

Whether it’s the top 5 tips you’re providing or a specific section you need your audience to focus on, text puts on a spotlight on all the right things at the right time.

animate your text


Animating your text not only makes it pop out, but can make any video engaging and effective. Naturally, the audience is drawn to something that stands out, and aesthetics can mean the right color, to the right font, the options are endless.

tell your story

Helps tell your story

Every piece of text used in your content and videos can be presented within your brand message. Your brand logo is already special, and so is the text associated with it. This means emphasizing typography when needed to get your message across.

How to make your text pop to every audience :

Step 1. Choose a powerful font

Stay consistent within your brand message and choose a font that best reflects that

Step 2. Highlight the good stuff

Make it stand out using animations.

Step 3. Make it clickable

Every important text should lead somewhere. In some cases, literally. Redirect to your product page!

Do not underestimate the power of text

Don't neglect text,

it helps your audience follow your brand identity even when they have your video on mute. In some cases, text can even outshine video itself ( I know, I can’t believe I just wrote that) , and in the rare case that it does, you’ll know!

If you’re going to write a novel

in one of your video scenes, try to break it down in chunks so that it’s easier to take in. Break it up in different styles as well, bolder text to bring out its intention. Fonts also go a long way in trying to convey your message. 

Don't be afraid to go wild.

Try different color approaches to your background. It has to be easy on the eyes otherwise your audience will quickly drop out of your video.