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For Sales

Generate quality leads

Embed a lead capture form inside your video. Iframe works with your favorite CRM app.

Nurture and qualify prospects

Direct all attention throughout your entire offer with unlimited video paths

Close more deals fast

Shine during meetings with interactive video presentations

For Marketing

Grab attention immediately

Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tik Tok, Instagram or even your website. Capture your customers everywhere.

Educate about your business solution

Use eye-catching video elements to inform your viewers of your benefits

Effective video team training

Keep your team on the same page and ready for every scenario

For Customer Service

Show the answers before they ask them

Video FAQs and more to help answer all the unanswered questions.

Be there when they need you

24/7 video chatbot support means you’re there when it matters.

Go the extra mile

Capture your screen and guide your customers on request for maximum customer satisfaction.

For Content Creators

Use videos you already have

Edit videos you have and enrich them with interactive elements

Adjust and reuse your videos easily

Easily reframe your content and adapt for every situation

Go beyond video content

Turn any image into an interactive video and add additional life to your content.

For Content Storage

Place your content everywhere

Easily embed your work on any landing page, product page.

Seamlessly Store files

Use our servers for maximum efficiency and security

Stream your content hassle free

Integrate your content with AWS adaptive streaming

For Customer Onboarding

Attract new customers

Educate and inspire prospects about your solution

Give choices and educate naturally

Let them find out about your product through eye-catching interactive paths.

Save time and focus on growth

Create an unforgettable onboarding experience to focus on your brand

For Digital Campaigns

Enhance your Programmatic Ads

Build strong loyalty and personalize every step of your campaign

Social Media Ads

Create highly engaging ads for your social media channels

Increase CTR in Emails

Use video emailing campaigns to grab attention.

Video speaks for itself

Here's what's waiting for you

strengthen relations

Incredible Engagement

Interactive content gains two times more engagement than static content

Increase Sales

63% of marketers said they use interactive content to educate their audience

Be there for your customers 24/7

Quality Leads

Interactive content generates twice as many conversions as passive content