Tailor your content to your customer business needs.

Creating a video is one thing, showcasing it in your own custom video player is another. It’s time to stand out from your competitors and add new life to your content by customizing your video player, quickly!

Build brand awareness with a custom video player

Content Consistency

Make your content stand out everywhere, and stay consistent, even within the video player itself! Edit the controls to your liking! Color, size, visibility and numerous other controls such for your subtitles and progress bar!

build trust with authenticity through video

Build Trust

A promising visual appeal means your viewers and customers are less likely to drift to outside competitors. Build strong relationships with your customers and clients.

Hook your customers

A unique video content experience means keeping your viewers engaged at all levels.

Embed your custom video players on your landing pages

Step 1. Use the videos or images you already have

Remember that you are not limited to just videos, you can use images too!

Step 2. Edit to your liking

Remember that you can adjust the player progress bar, subtitles and more to your liking. Color, size, duration, and everything in between.

Step 3. Embed on your page with ease

Take your finished videos, embed them on your website and start grabbing attention immediately.

Video player settings for every scenario

Let your content pop

Don’t let anything get in the way. With full customization, you can control what the viewer sees and how your ideas are presented.

Save time and adapt

Remember that you can edit your color settings at any time meaning you can adjust the settings to the presentation and audience.

Don’t need to be a designer

Quickly customize everything in your video and adjust without having a degree in coding or design.