Create a unique experience for every user with video.

Personalize relations at scale and enhance brand loyalty, increase sales and most importantly, build one of a kind trust with your consumers and clients.

Engage at a personal level eveywhere

Through e-mail

A personalized “thank you “ after a demo will go a long way to capturing the heart of your next customer. Increase email engagement with personalized video campaigns, use them as nurture emails, product previews and more!

increase retention rates

Through sales

Boost sales immediately and welcome your newest users with a hello from the CEO. Show your appreciation at every level, remind the loyal customers that they haven’t been forgotten with a personalized holiday wish from the top.

Be there for your customers 24/7

Through customer support

Follow up on cases and check up on how everythings going with your customers. Answer any questions they may immediately on a one to one basis.

How to use personalization to stand out with video

Step 1. Use any aspect of your video and personalize it

Put their name, date, time or whatever you want to personalize the video experience!

Step 2. Share it or send it

The best part. You’ve completed your video, you’re ready to share it with the world. Start gathering leads, following up on demos and closing those deals, you’re just a click away!

Step 3. Monitor the clickstreams

See what your customers have been clicking the most and start strategizing your next content.

Tips when creating your personalized videos

Don’t forget about social media

A personalized video can go a long way in keeping your favorite channels at the top, inviting more interaction with your brand.

Wish them a happy birthday!

Yes even a simple personalized happy birthday message can go a long way in keeping your customers and clients happy, make somebody’s day.

Invite to your webinar

Use a personalized video to invite viewers for your latest webinar showing how they can benefit from using your services and products.