How to upload a video

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Here’s how to upload your own video. This will allow you to add interactive elements and make your current video shine even more!

In the main menu, after having chosen “Add Movie“, you’ll be presented with numerous options to get started. To upload your own, just following these steps :

Step 1. Click the “Upload Video” icon

Here you’ll be met with three new options : “Drive“, “Record Yourself” and “Capture Screen”.

For the purpose of this tutorial, choose “Drive

Remember that there are restrictions depending on the plan that you’re currently on.

  • Size : 20mb (Free) , 80mb (Studio)
  • Duration : 60s (Free) , 180s (Studio)

File type : .mp4 , .avi , .mov , .webm , .flv, .wmv, .quicktime, x-matroska

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