Increase sales fast with hotspots

Make your products pop and grab attention immediately with eye catching hotspots. Make your video content even more engaging, now that sounds fun.

Boring into exciting

Product showcase

Let your customers know about your hot and upcoming products by highlighting the biggest benefits with hotspots. Make them clickable and send your viewers to a video talking about a particular feature.

Make images clickable

It’s not just videos that are benefiting from this. Take any image, and make it clickable. Better yet, add hotspots to really grab your customers' attention.

design an experience with interactive elements

Guide your viewers

Use hotspots as a more robust version of a call to action. If you’re onboarding new employees, use hotspots to identify the more important information that they should be retaining.

Learn how easy it is to add hotspots to your content

Step 1. Use a video or image

Upload a video or image and add hotspots to your liking. It couldn’t be easier.

Step 2. Get creative with hotspots

Use them to point the viewers in the right direction.

Step 3. Share your interactive videos

You did the creating, now it’s time for others to engage with them. Watch your sales grow 🙂

Allow your viewers to explore your videos

Jump from scene to scene

Use hotspots to use as a “ skip “ button and head to the next scene should you need it. Instead of the boring “ skip “ button, get creative with animated hotspots

Straight to the checkout page

Hotspots allow for a more fleshed out and interactive journey for every customer. Use hotspots creatively and get your viewers to the checkout page quickly.

Enhance your forms

Use hotspots to gather crucial information during registration. Make them interactive and educate your audience on the go.