Increase engagement with auto subtitles

Your content should be accessible to everyone! It’s time to open up your viewers to the rest of the world by automatically generating subtitles for all of your content.

Boost all of your content

translate your videos into your clients language


Open your content up to everyone. Did you know roughly 460 million of the world’s population is deaf? Support your audiences and be there when it matters.

create highly engaging video content

Increase Engagement

When people are commuting or out and about, most videos are viewed without any sound. Subtitles force the viewers to engage with your content without losing the message.

increase retention rates

SEO ranking

Your video content is great, but there’s not much search engines can do as far as ranking goes. Text, in this case subtitles, in your video allows you to index your videos like never before.

Automatically add subtitles to your video content fast

Step 1. Use the videos you already have

Upload a video or image and add hotspots to your liking. It couldn’t be easier.

Step 2. Manually add text

Should you need to fix some things up, no problem!

Step 3. Share your video content

You did the creating, now it’s time for the world to start engaging with your quality video content.

Grow your business with auto subtitles

Social media reach

In general, captioned videos get a lot more of the spotlight on your favorite social media channels, don’t neglect that aspect.

Save time

Automatically generating subtitles means saving you precious time to grow your business in all the other ways.

Stay ahead

The competition is only getting bigger, today it’s important to stay ahead of the game. Subtitles in your videos are a great start.