Give new life to your video content with voice narration

Connect with your audience beyond the visual scope. Guide the narrative of your content and take your customers where they want to go in a clear, and effective way.

Enhance all content with voice narration

use video narration in your videos or record your own

Adds dimension

A professional voice can bring your video to life. This is because the human voice can naturally add personality and bring that added depth to your content. Consider this when choosing who you want to narrate your message.

build trust with authenticity through video

Builds trust

Can your audience trust your brand? Sure it can, and selecting the right voice to go along with that brand identity underlines that. When implementing voice narration, choose the voice that the audience can relate to when thinking of your products and services.

Emphasizes the video

Coincidentally, it brings out the best of what you already have. Meaning, your video will sound as incredible as it looks. This means holding onto attention and educating your audience when needed.

Humanize your brand with voice narration fast

Step 1. Set the tone

The audio has to reflect what’s going on within your video. Whether you’re sending a nice welcome message to your newest customers or showcasing your latest products, tone is crucial, luckily you got a lot to choose from. Over 10,000 high quality voice narrations to choose from.

Step 2. Be there when it counts

Why not include your own voice for a nice outro? Personalize the experience for everyone and use your voice when needed, it couldn’t be easier.

Step 3. Timing is everything

Make sure to place your narrations at the right time to emphasize the effect. Feel free to move around your narrations on the timeline and adjust it to your liking.

You don’t have to break the bank to grow your brand

You don’t need a professional voice actor

to get your message across. Use your own voice to highlight your services or educate your future employees with ease. Saving you money and time to grow your business in other aspects

Works on all content

Add narration all across your videos and make them stand out in today's sea of content. You've got nothing to lose, and a lot to gain!

Over 10,000 pre-recorded voice overs

to choose from, should you need it. If you're not feeling up for recording yourself, choose from our vast library of high quality pre-recorded voice overs!