Engage your customers even more with interactive buttons

A call to action doesn’t have to be dull or predictable. This is your chance to add new energy to your content by using interactive buttons to engage and hook your customers.

There's a reason why interactive buttons work

give customers what they want

Customers are asking for them

Actually, there’s more than just one reason. But one of the most important is the fact that, not only do customers expect them but most people actually depend on a call to action when nearing the end of their sales journey.

They are highly engaging

They steer the direction of your content in many aspects. If you’re creating a video highlighting the latest features of your products, buttons and Call to actions could make or break your video. This is why it’s essential that they are used in a way not to discourage the viewers.

edit your videos

They are flexible

Meaning you can turn...anything into an interactive button. A call to action isn’t just a big red button that shouts “ BUY NOW! “.

Turn every action into a personal one

Step 1. Take any button and personalize it

Why not personalize the experience while you’re at it? Make your fanbase feel special by adding their name to your call to action and send them the latest video offering products they’ve left in their carts.

Step 2. Mix it up

Try out different color contrasts to see what works and doesn’t. Not ever button is going to attract as much attention as you thought. A/B test it right away!

Step 3. Stand out with your CTAs

Instead of the dull “buy now” button , add some flavor to your buttons.

Interactive buttons boosts customer engagement at every level

Speed up training

Use buttons to guide your new employees while they learn all about your company values.

Hook your cusotmers

Create a sales journey like never before by implementing interactive buttons throughout your content.

Stand out from competitors

Mix up your content and see what works and doesn't. Stay ahead of the game with interactive CTAs.