Convert Google Slides into an interactive video with one click.

Forget about copying your images and text from your presentations into your video. Save time and shorten the video creation process. Turn your Google Slides into editable videos in seconds and turn heads immediately.

Turn any presentation into a highly engaging one

grab attention fast

Grab attention

Once you’ve converted your slides into a video, refine it and make it interactive to grab attention at every scene. Add narration or music to spice up your presentations and close deals like never before.

save time with video

Save time

No need to remake your presentations by copying and pasting. Just convert it and you’re ready to turn your Google Slides into lead generating videos, onboarding tutorials or whatever your heart desires.

Engage your viewers

Every piece of text used in your content and videos can be presented within your brand message. Your brand logo is already special, and so is the text associated with it. This means emphasizing typography when needed to get your message across.

Make your Google Slides presentations shine with video

Step 1. Take any Google Slide and convert it

Just paste your Google Slides link into the window and hit the convert button and let the magic begin.

Step 2. Make it shine with interactivity

It’s time to add anything you want to your newly created video. Clickable buttons, Hotspots, a chapters menu, voice narration, music, anything to help you hook your customers!

Step 3. Share it

The best part. You’ve completed your video, you’re ready to share it with the world. Start gathering leads, following up on demos and closing those deals, you’re just a click away!

What else will video do for your Google Slides?

Stand out in the sea of content

Stay ahead of your competitors and turn heads with interactive presentations. Guide your viewers straight to the checkout page.

Educate your audience

about your latest products far more effectively. Our brains naturally absorb moving visuals at a greater scale than regular text.

Make a long lasting impression

Shine during critical meetings and close those pesky deals. It takes seconds to convert your slides into a video.