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Make Engagement Personal

26 July 20190 Like0 CommentFun Fact Friday, , , , ,

In today’s technologically run world, part of the engagement effort requires brands need to communicate with their customers in real time. A personal experience that ultimately builds greater relations and trust. There are numerous ways to show you care, because you do, and in this article I’ll be covering the basic findings and how emphasizing …

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Automation: Chatbots!

11 July 20190 LikeComments Off on Automation: Chatbots!Fun Fact Friday, , , , ,

You’ve probably come across one and didn’t even realize it. Or maybe you did and thought to yourself “Whoa, this is pretty neat!”. More and more companies are discovering the wonders of chatbots. They’re a result of significant advances in AI and provide an alternative to customer service and online shopping. Let’s see what all …

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Graphene – A Game Changer!

5 July 20190 LikeComments Off on Graphene – A Game Changer!Fun Fact Friday, , ,

1 million times thinner than human hair… Graphene! I’ve always wanted to start an article with that very sentence. As a species, we’re constantly discovering the wonders of this planet. Once we make that discovery, we see how we can apply it. Today’s article will focus on a recently discovered material that is sure to …

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Bruce Lee: Cha-Cha champ?

7 June 20190 Like0 Commentblog , Fun Fact Friday, , , , , , , ,

Fun Fact World famous martial artist, movie star, pop culture icon, cha-cha champion? That’s right. The one and only Bruce Lee was an elite dancer. A fact not many people know. Luckily, you’ve stumbled upon this blog! During his teens, a hyperactive Bruce looked for new ways to keep busy. This led the young Bruce …

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