Hook customers with clickable videos at scale

Use video to sell more products, generate new leads and reduce churn

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Convert slides into a video

Forget about copying text and pasting it into the video. Save time and shorten the video creation process. Turn your Google Slides into editable videos in seconds. We will automatically move text, styles and images into your brand new video.

Extend the attention span

Stop losing customer interest. Seamlessly redirect attention to the desired customer needs with a video chapters menu.Express your business with video, it's a new and innovate take on a website but quicker and far more effective!

Drag ‘n’ Drop video editing

No-design, no marketing and no-coding skills required to easily design your message to the customer's expectations. You can effectively direct their attention wherever you want and need. Add and animate text, images, hotspots, pop-ups, voice narration, social media and much more!

Automate your business workflows

Remember your favorite TV series?. Now, create your own, but about your business. Build unlimited customer pathways (means: series) for every purpose. Sales funnel, onboarding welcomes, interactive walkthroughs, customer reviews, retention process. The possibilities are endless.

Analyze click streams

“If you can't measure it, you can't improve it” says Peter Drucker. Every created automation workflow saves you money and time. Measure chosen paths, views, interactions, watched time or drop-out. Make the right decisions from your customer’s decisions in your pathways.

Teach by showing, learn by doing

As a kid you learned by observing. You still have this ability, so why not apply it to your business. Smoothly highlight and mark the most important sections to elaborate more about them. Teach how to use your product and let your customers learn with easy-to- follow steps.

Narrate your story

Who knows your business better than you? Enrich your presentations or explain ideas by recording your voice narration or just yourself. Become a leader in your story. Record relevant messages to your customer’s needs

Personalize relations at scale

It’s not personal, but making videos personalized to every customer makes you stand out from the competitors. Simply add the customer's first name to your video and make an incredible first impression. Embrace all of your CRM contacts, mailing lists and website visitors with personalized video.

Free to start, premium from $25

All mentioned above and many more features are yours to keep and it’s free forever. Limited only by number of views and video projects. You don't need to worry about monthly viewing limits with an annual plan because views are deducted from the yearly accumulated views. When your customers love your two-way communication with automated pathways, go for a larger plan and scale your business.

Reduce understanding barriers

Connect with your customers in their native language. Use the AI-driven translation tool to automatically translate your videos into 70+ languages. The next time a foreign visitor would like to learn about your business, they'll be automatically shown your video in their native language.

How many working hours are you looking to save by automating customer pathways for your business? The only way to find out is to experience it for yourself.